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A love of the sea, islands and sailing has been in the Arcona family for generations. My father’s father sailed a three masted barque around the world and was also in great demand as a helmsman among the racing yachts from the period. The desire to unite the family's main love of sailing with it’s livelihood was strong and in the late 60's Ingrid & Bengt Jansson would dare take the plunge and Boo Marin, now Arcona Yachts, saw the light of day.

The Jet dinghy was an excellent trailerable sailing dinghy for young sailors and was one of the original boats. Heinz-Jürgen Sass drew a well behaved midget offshore cruiser named Hydra. Bengt Jansson immediately saw the possibilities and a cooperation with the legendary Fisksätra Boatyard began. Hydra were built for more than 10 years in large numbers.

The next milestone was the collaboration with Carl Beyer and Aphrodite boats. Beyer designed for Boo Marin, what for the time was, an ultramodern 25 foot ocean racer - The Aphrodite 25. The boats were in production between 1976 and 1982. During that period Boo Marin also were dealers on the Swedish east coast for the larger Aphrodite boats.

The premises in Saltsjö-Boo no longer sufficed, and during 1981–82 the business was moved to its current location on Cat Island in Gustavsberg where new opportunities developed. Berthing rentals became a new line of business as well as motorboats sales as the general agent for Fjord boats. Countless new Fjord boats left the Gustavsberg yard with expectant new owners at the wheel. For a number of years Boo Marin was Fjords largest retailer.

The Jansson families heart beat, however, for sailing, and plans for its own strong brand were drawn up. To build anything other than winning and beautiful sailboats was not an option, so when the already very successful designer Stefan Qviberg appeared, the foundationwas set. The Arcona 32 was launched in 1982, and was immediately hailed. It quickly became a common sight in ports around the coasts of Sweden and at the top of the results lists. This model was further developed in the end of the 80's and the 32 became the Arcona 321. A lead keel, high aspect rig and new interior were the biggest differences. The 32/321 is today considered a classic and trendsetter and is still highly sought after on the used market. The last boat in the series was built in 1993. The design’s highly successful lines were further developed to become the Arcona 36, ​​38 and into the 90s Arcona 40 DS.

The Arcona 355 was a departure, she was originally designed by Tommy Steel and a number were built under the name Facil 355 XO. Arcona Yachts purchased the molds and production rights in the early 90's and, after many improvements, presented The Arcona 355. The manufacture of this beautiful and coveted classic continued until 2009.

2001 ushered in a new era – The Arcona 400 was presented under the title "A new generation". In all respects a fresh, extremely modern cruiser/racer which took the market by storm paving the way in the growing 40-foot segment. The goal was to build a fast and well behaved boat for fewer crew Featuring an exclusive interior and comfort, but at the same time with the potential to win regattas. With more than 150 satisfied crews around Europe and numerous prominent race finishes we can agree that the Arcona 400 lives up to the original high expectations. She set the standard for a modern 40-footer and the jury's verdict on appointment as "Sailboat of the Show" (Scandinavian Boat Show 2001) is still valid: “The Arcona 400 optimizes cruiser/racing and combines seemingly incompatible characteristics such as speed and feel with comfort and function. The boat's layout is perfect well balanced harmony.”

Success breeds success, and over10 years later, we can claim a substantial part of Swedish sailboat production;
Arcona 370 - 2003
Arcona 460 - 2004
Arcona 430 - 2008 (European Yacht of the Year 2009 - a milestone in our history)
Arcona 340 - 2009 (nominated for the European Yacht of the Year 2010)
Arcona 410 - 2011
Arcona 380 - 2014
Arcona 465 - 2015

Arcona Yachts is headquartered in Gustavsberg, at the gateway to Stockholm's archipelago, but only 20 min from downtown Stockholm. Meet us here and test sail the Arcona boats in some of the world’s most beautiful sailing waters or have a look at the boats and talk sailing.

With almost 1000 Arcona boats built and an annual capacity of 50–70 boats we see ourselves as one of the largest and leading yachtyards in Sweden, however, we will continue to act as a small yard where service and consideration for each boat and its owner are central.
Welcome to the Arcona family!

Torgny (Jansson) with crew