Arcona Yachts


The Arcona Team is and always has been a group of dedicated sailors who share a passion for sailing - both racing and cruising.

We have always strived to achieve the optimal combination of fast-paced race winning yachts with a relaxed, close to nature cruising concept. The latter is our investment in our own families whose value can not be measured in economic terms. An experience that can only be achieved in boats of high quality where security and safety at sea is our guiding principle. 

This philosophy summarizes the idea around which all Arcona boats have been built and will be built. 

By following these principles, without deviation or compromise the result will always be a boat with a racers character and feel at the helm, a boat which is safe and feels safe – even in rough weather. A boat that welcomes the family with generous accommodations and unbeatable comfort. A boat which is beautiful and attracts attention, a boat that is a real eye-catcher and the envy of the harbour.